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When we learnt that tonight (and every night), over 40,000 young people currently experienced homelessness in Australia, we just couldn’t understand how this was possible. And we sat around wondering why somebody didn’t do something about it.

Then we realised that we are somebody.

In 2014, two brothers from Melbourne had an idea: what if we could leverage the power of food to change the world?

And so Crêpes for Change was born – Australia’s first non-profit crêpe food truck.
We hustled hard to get it off the ground and built it from scratch. And in our first few months of operating, we’ve already raised over $40,000 in revenue that will be used to eliminate youth homelessness in Australia.

But we need to GROW to increase our impact and help more people. Help us build the CFC Coffee Cart!
You can be part of something great, something big.

We’ve noticed a huge demand for coffee-only events. It will only cost us $7,500 to build, but will allow us to bring in an extra $50,000 – $70,000 in revenue annually to be used in achieving our goal of eliminating youth homelessness in Australia.

With endorsements from the likes of Broadsheet, the Age and the Daily Mail – we’ve grown significantly and want to take it to the next step. A coffee cart makes perfect sense given we already have a professional coffee machine, pro bono architects and trained baristas ready to go.

We’ll be doing the hard labour ourselves and minimising our costs wherever we can, but we need YOU to make it happen. We’d appreciate anything you can spare – we promise to make great use of it and deliver some serious bang for your buck.

If you’re good with tools, holla at us – there’ll be plenty to do!

Please help us achieve this next milestone. If you’re broke – please share our campaign so we can gain some traction and ultimately increase our impact.

How The Funds Will Be Used

This Christmas, you can do something really special with your hard earned dollars. Your contribution will have a huge impact – it will change the lives of young people living in poverty and without a place to call home.

One of the biggest costs associated with the project (a coffee machine), are already taken care of. All we need is enough money to buy the raw materials needed to build the cart. Help us out!

1. Trailer base: $2500
2. Plumbing: $1000
3. Fridges: $500
4. Wastage system: $1000
5. Wood: $1000
6. Raw materials: $500
7. Health certification: $500
8. Coffee machine mounting system: $500

The Challenges

We asked you to trust us when we got Crêpes for Change off the ground in 2014. Despite starting with zero in the bank, we followed through on our campaign and launched in August.

Fast forward to today – and we’ve got a great team rallying behind us, and have even bagged a sponsorship with Nutella!

Like any project, it is bound to come with logistical challenges that cannot be predicted. Having dealt with the worst of the worst (gas certification!) with our van, we are confident that we can make it work. We’ve got a talented group of architects working with us to assist in the design who are guiding us through the process.

Together, we can eliminate youth homelessness in Australia!






A$10 +
Coffee & Crêpe
For a tenner, we’ll swing you a voucher for a delicious coffee and a finely crafted crêpe, redeemable whenever you see the van. We get around a lot – follow our Facebook for locations.
28 Chosen
Est Delivery January 2016
A$30 +
5 Crêpes!
Thirty buckeroos will get you a voucher for 5 delicious crêpes redeemable at your leisure.
17 Chosen
Est Delivery January 2016
A$45 +
Tote bag of Goodness!
For $45, get our limited CFC tote bag filled with 3 crêpe vouchers and a personalized ‘thank you’ card! Rep the crepes with this limited release!
4 Chosen | 26 Available
Est Delivery February 2016
A$50 +
10 Crêpes!
For a sweet pineapple bill, you will get a voucher for 10 mouth-watering crêpes redeemable when you wish.
13 Chosen
Est Delivery January 2016
A$100 +
Volunteer in the van!
Volunteer in the original Crêpes for Change van for the day! No experience required. Including all the crêpes you can eat.
6 Chosen
Est Delivery January 2016
A$150 +
Your Name on the Cart
Just like we did with our van – we’re giving you the limited opportunity to have your name emblazoned on the CFC Coffee Cart under the ‘Superstars’ section. You will be immortalised and we will love you forever.
10 Chosen | 10 Available
Est Delivery January 2016
A$200 +
Coffee Masterclass
An intimate experience for the coffee connoisseur – a masterclass for you and a friend with our head baristas that will introduce you to how to properly extract espresso, froth milk and create mind-blowing coffee. Filter coffee element on request.
0 Chosen | 10 Available
Est Delivery January 2016
A$250 +
God-like Supporter
We will put your name on our coffee cart under the heading ‘God-like’, where forever it shall remain. Just like the van.
2 Chosen | 8 Available
Est Delivery January 2016
A$500 +
Sponsor a Young Aussie!
For $500, you can cover the preliminary training costs for a disadvantaged young person in need. We’ll use this money to equip them with hospitality and barista training that will enable them to gain the skills required to find stable employment.
1 Chosen
Est Delivery February 2016
A$599 +
Coffee Catering
We’ll cater your event with fresh brews straight from the coffee cart (once it’s finished). Event size negotiable – contact dan@crepesforchange.com for inquiries. * CAMPAIGN ONLY PRICE! *
0 Chosen
Est Delivery January 2016
A$2000 +
Corporate Sponsorship
An opportunity to partner up with us – contact dan@crepesforchange.com before purchasing.
0 Chosen
Est Delivery January 2016

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