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100% funded on March 17, 2015

Your donations will help fuel our adventure to photograph and share real couples love stories in all 50 states. Plus, you’ll get some pretty awesome perks too.

The Back Story

Just months before Ryan proposed to me, my parents divorced. After 25 years of marriage, it ended abruptly. Our worlds were rocked. Everything we thought we knew of marriage was now no longer. It was up to us to figure out how to make sure our marriage did not end after 25 years…

The Amazing Marriage Adventure –
50 States, 50 Couples, 50 Couples Cafes

We have rented out our home in Baltimore, bought an RV, and are traveling to all 50 states to document and share real love stories across America.

We plan to photograph and interview at least 1 couple in every state in an effort to learn as much as possible about marriage and to share inspiring love stories from all walks of life! Each couple’s story will be shared online at throughout the adventure.

In addition, we will also host at least 1 Couples Cafe (coffee shop meet up) for couples in each state! Throughout the Adventure, we will be sharing stories, lessons we have learned and advice from the amazing couples we meet on! The information gathered will also be used to create future resources for you and all couples through Amazing Life Together.

By “trading in” the comforts of our home in Baltimore, to live in an RV, we are able to dedicate more of ourselves to the mission of this project! It is so important to us to get out there and meet couples, utilize our gifts of photography and film to capture inspiring stories that need to be told.

To sum it up, this adventure is about 3 things: Documenting Love, Building Community, and Inspiring Amazing Marriages.

We look forward to soaking in as much knowledge and advice that we can and then sharing it with the world! This Adventure is just the beginning of Amazing Life Together and the non-profit’s commitment to inspiring all couples to live a happy, healthy, and everlasting life together.

So far we’ve visited 5 states, photographed 6 couples and hosted 5 Couples Cafes. We need your help getting to the rest of the U.S.!

We Need Your Help!

Over the past year, we have dedicated thousands of hours and spent thousands of dollars to take Amazing Life Together from a passion project to a non-profit! (It costs $850 just to file the paperwork!) We have an ambitious vision to see the world with a 0% divorce rate and that is certainly something we cannot do alone! We would love your help to fuel the Adventure and get Amazing Life Together off the ground!

With your help, our goal with this campaign is to raise $12,500 ($9,500 will provide the fuel to make it possible to actually reach all 50 states this year! and the additional $3,000 will cover the costs of propane, pay for the tolls along the way, and cover other miscellaneous expenses related to the Adventure!) To be totally transparent, we estimate that the Amazing Marriage Adventure as a whole will cost around $45,000 (RV, Gas, Food: basically the expenses that a traditional business would cover for travel expenses.). Yes, we would love to cover all $45,000 through fundraising… however, we have to start somewhere, right?! 😉

As you will see below, the Amazing Life Together financial needs do not end with expenses of the Amazing Marriage Adventure! We have big dreams for this organization and will continue to work hard to raise the funds needed to inspire marriages everywhere! We hope you will help us not only reach the $12,500 goal, but go above and beyond and help us tackle the additional goals we have for the wish list below!

The Perks! You give, You get, We Give

We have come up with some really exciting perks for this campaign to show you all how much we appreciate your love and support in helping to get Amazing Life Together off the ground and running!!! The incredibly talented Jordanne Van Wertgenerously created a beautiful hand-lettered graphic that sums up exactly how we feel about this year! “Life is an adventure, make it AMAZING together!”

*Amazing Life Together is currently a non profit organization pending 501c3 status. A portion of all donations made to this campagain will be tax deductible. At the conclusion of the campaign, all backers will receive a donation receipt letter with the value of their donation that may be tax deductible. 

The Impact

Basically, the world needs more love!

We’ve all heard the stat “50% of marriages end in divorce.” Whether the divorce rate is truly this high or not, anything above 0% is too much. To help further illustrate the importance of marriage, we put together the following infographic:


If you are following along on the @AMZLifeTogether Instagram feed (#amazingmarriageadventure), then you know we have certainly faced many challenges already! Getting the RV was a huge hurdle… and then getting on the road without having to stop every ~100 miles because of an engine issue is another challenge we are currently overcoming! Life on the road is certainly not easy, but it is so worth it to be able to dedicate our time, energy, and financial resources to this mission!

We will continue to push through the challenges that cross our path because this is our passion, and it is what we believe we are being called to do! We are grateful to God that we have been given gifts in life to share with others!

Other Ways You Can Help

We are SO EXCITED to have you become a part of the Amazing Life Together mission! Not only do we need your support monetarily, we also need your help in so many other ways too!

 Spread the Word                   Nominate a Couple               Document a Love Story

It’s really as easy as talking with your friends about Amazing Life Together! We would love your help spreading the word to your family and friends, both in person and through social media!

Another GREAT way to get involved is through Nominating a Couple! We are always on the lookout for AMAZING stories to document and share! If you have a couple in mind that inspires you to love deeper, please nominate them!!! We want to meet them too!

Are you a photographer, cinematographer, or editor? If so, we would LOVE your help in documenting love stories! Send us a note and we will definitely chat more!

…Back Story Continued

As high school sweethearts, we got married right out of college. We moved to Baltimore, MD and started our lives together- doing everything we thought we were supposed to do. We both had corporate jobs, attended graduate school, bought a home and two cars, and spent more time working than we spent enjoying life together.

On January 1, 2009, we set a New Year’s goal to start a business together and put our energy where we could hopefully make a meaningful impact on people’s lives. We started a wedding photography business and quickly realized that we were not the only ones who needed positive examples of marriage in our lives! The wedding industry is full of inspiration for the wedding day, but after close to 8 years of marriage, we know that the wedding day is only the beginning! ”

In October 2013, we launched the Amazing Life Together blog with a passion to share real married couples stories and to open the lines of communication surrounding marriages! After months of working on this passion project, we realized it was so much more. It was so much bigger than us. It was an opportunity to truly change the conversation about marriages from “did you hear who just got divorced” to “did you hear about their AMAZING marriage?!?”

Our hearts have never been so passionate about our opportunity to join with you all to truly make an impact on the lives of couples around the world! As of September 10, 2014 Amazing Life Together is officially recognized as a non-profit organization! In December 2014, we filed the crazy long and complicated paperwork to the government to apply for 501c3 status! We hope to be recognized as a 501c3 organization within the next few months!

In the meantime, it is time to get started on our mission to inspire all married couples to live a happy, healthy, and everlasting amazing life together!


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