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Thanks to all of you, we did it. We broke 50k yesterday. So we have added a Charter Crew Hat to all pledges of $100.00 and above. We have had so many requests to extend our campaign in order for more people to take advantage of the opportunity to get lifetime discount cards and other cool stuff. So we’ve have decided to do a one-time extension of 7 days. So let all your friends know about it. This is the perfect time to upgrade your pledge and get one of those cool bar-tabs and more. The closer we get to 75K the faster we will be able to do the kind of upgrades to the bar that Dockside deserves. It’s all thanks to you and your support.

P.S. If we hit $75K I will write and record a song, and video me performing it in a red dress and put it on YouTube! I’m not kidding.    Eric Stone

We Hit Our Initial Target in 5 Days!

Now, on to $75,000!

Thanks to our amazing supporters we have blown past our initial goal in just 5 days. We are grateful. There has been a lot of interest in the campaign and we are adding some cool rewards for your pledges.

Every dollar raised goes into make Dockside Tropical Cafe better and brighter. It is a team effort. Climb onboard and take the cruise with us.

If we hit $50.000 we will be adding a Charter Crew Baseball Cap, at 75k we will add a signed limited edition copy of the new “Rock The Dock” cd including the DTC Theme Song. (release date to be announced) for any existing and future pledges $100.00 and up. 

Quick Pitch

“Imagine this… a music venue owned and operated by a musician. What a concept! This is my dream.”   Eric Stone, singer/songwriter.

With your help, this waterfront venue in the heart of the Florida Keys will soon re-open on Boot Key Harbor in Marathon, Florida. Historically this is a favorite hot spot of locals and cruisers, a place where the Chamber of Commerce met for happy hour next to the ‘pirates’ from the harbor; a place that filled with sunkissed tourists watching the sunset after spending a day on the water or exploring the Keys. Dockside is a landmark.  We want to bring it back to life.

Dockside Tropical Café is poised for rapid growth in the restaurant/bar/music venue industry with the top three ingredients going for it: location, location, location!  We are seeking funding to take advantage of a window of opportunity for introducing a “new and improved” Dockside, a tradition in Marathon for many years. This business has the potential to dominate the market.

About Us and Our Vision

Eric Stone is a singer/songwriter with 13 CDs to his name, with the last being Time To Fly, released just last fall, with rave reviews. And it is… his “time to fly”.  Picking up his first guitar when he was just 10 years old, he has played worldwide ever since, with influences ranging from AC/DC to Willie Nelson to Jimmy Buffett, his ultra talented songwriting and unique voice has led to an international fan base. His fans tend to feel more like friends as he invites people into his personal life through his songwriting and answers all emails and comments personally. Because of this, this group of people will make special travel arrangements just to hear him play and raise a glass with him.

Prior to creating a full time career within the music industry, Eric worked in the customer service arena with Northwest Airlines; this and working with various venues/bars/restaurants from the stage view, has given him the opportunity to experience from the inside just how important customer service is. He also served as a hands-on consultant for Bahama Breeze Restaurants in developing their music offerings nationwide.

Kim Hess-Stone, Eric’s wife is a yoga instructor and author. She uses her yoga teachings and practice to connect with others, inspiring them to trust in themselves and to find the passion and commitment that is their nature, not only on the mat, but also in the world. She is a self published author and creator of Yoga OnboardTM  book and DVD, writer/artist of Yoga Nidra~waves of change CD, and creator of the Pirate YogiTM  clothing line.

Kim began working in the service industry when she was twelve years old, beginning as a dishwasher and working her way thru the ranks as state labor laws permitted. She has used this knowledge and experience throughout her years during transitional periods of her life. The birth of a new restaurant is not a new concept for Kim as she worked closely with a friend of hers in her hometown of McCall, Idaho, conceptualizing an idea for a wine bar and gourmet deli and taking it to fruition, before relocating to Miami Beach. Bistro 45 is now one of the most popular restaurants for tourists and locals in McCall.

Eric & Kim, both being of the creative entrepreneurial mind, are the perfect combination to fulfill the necessary steps needed to create, implement and maintain a healthy, successful business. Having seen businesses thrive or go under in tourist locations, they both understand the importance of exceptional and consistent products and service. Together they have a vision to restore Dockside to its glory. Their vision includes adding a tiki hut, built exclusively by the Seminoles, adding tiki and island décor, a tasteful blend of every tropical location ever dreamt about including the Florida Keys.

Dockside Tropical Cafe’: a “Key’s dock bar” with a mix of tiki themes and island dreams; maintaining the community experience while upgrading its look, product and service.


It is our mission to offer the community of Marathon, Florida, the heart of the Florida Keys: it’s locals, tourists and community of cruisers, a music venue that offers quality entertainment seven nights a week. As a foundation for this venue, we will offer a simple yet complete lunch and dinner menu featuring Key’s favorites and healthy alternatives.  A full service bar will include specialty drinks straight from the islands as well as a tasteful beer and wine list. The gift shop will offer signature logo apparel and gear as well as other top selling items.  Through our commitment to quality service, food and music, this establishment will soon become a “must do” for anyone visiting The Florida Keys.

A long standing Sunday Jam and an optional entertainment evening on Monday’s (Movie Monday or other special events) will compliment the line up of talented local and regional singer/songwriters we will be bringing to our stage in addition to our house band, The Eric Stone Band.

The gift shop (Harley & Marley’s Treasure Chest) will offer signature logo apparel and gear along with Eric Stone MusicTM*, Pirate YogiTM*, Cruising OutpostTM*, Living Like a PirateTM* and Chix FishTM* apparel and gear (*including but not limited too). The gift shop will also be a part time home to Harley and Marley, the couple’s two macaws. Harley and Marley will also have their own signature apparel and gear and there will be opportunity to take photos with the birds, a significant attraction to families and tourists visiting The Keys.

How Are We Going to Do This?

  • Remove current roof canopy and replace with Tiki Hut roofing
  • Relocate & upgrade kitchen with herb garden
  • Upgrade stage and sound system to attract quality musicians
  • Add gift store (Harley & Marley’s Treasure Chest)
  • Paint/redecorate with island, tiki theme
  • Redesign dining/bar areas
  • Solid marketing campaigns
  • Training & ongoing support for staff to insure quality service & consistantancy in menu selections
  • Free Wifi for customers
  • Live webcast of music performances on internet and in-house tvs
  • Special events:

o Cruising Outpost seminar weekends
o Weekend/Week long music festivals
o Morning community health classes: yoga, fitness, tai chi etc.
o Other community events

  • New dinghy docks to accommodate mooring field
  • Offer water sports rentals (kayaks, SUPs)

Branding Our Vision

With an international following, during the years he spent playing five nights a week at an island bar in the British Virgin Islands, he “packed the house every night”, said Charles Tobias, owner Pussers Marina Cay.  Each time he has played anywhere in Marathon in the past, he also has packed the house, even during off-season; he books a gig, word spreads, and the venue fills up. We will use this as a foundation for creating a premier music venue in South Florida. With Eric’s following and connections within the music industry, bringing in top name musicians in addition to his own shows will give patrons a wide variety of quality music.

We intend to provide exceptional, personalized service, which will be the crucial factor in building and protecting Dockside’s brand within the community.  All staff will be trained and monitored, insuring the highest quality service. We intend to handle customer concerns and issues with a customer oriented focus and the intent of providing timely resolution and preventing the loss of customers.

All products offered at Dockside Tropical Café will promote The Keys’ lifestyle.  These will include its food, drinks, music and products.  Having spent several years living in the Virgin Islands and the Florida Keys, bringing island food and drink choices to our menu will be a natural choice. Our kitchen will have professional, qualified personnel that will provide the highest quality menu items. A line of signature logo apparel and gear will be offered further promoting the branding of the Business.

Due to the waterfront location and the uniqueness of having Eric Stone as one of the owners, in addition to being the only waterfront restaurant/music venue with a full bar on Boot Key Harbor, we will have limited competition.  Promoting Dockside Tropical Café as a premier music venue in South Florida will only add to its uniqueness and draw in tourists specifically for nightly music and special events.

Who knows? Dockside Tropical Café, Marathon may be the first of many!

Who Is Our Audience and How are We Going to Reach Them?

There are three main target markets for Dockside Tropical Café:

  1. The cruising community. Dockside is the only waterfront full service bar/restaurant offering music on Boot Key Harbor, with over 200 mooring balls (and more on the way), and approximately 200-300 slips. Boot Key Harbor is a major “jumping off point” for cruisers headed to the islands for the season or as a final destination.
  2. Tourists. Located in Marathon, Florida, the heart of the Florida Keys, tourism is what keeps the Keys alive.
  3. Locals. Realistically the local residents should be the bread & butter for a year round consistency in sales. Specials and events specifically for local residents will be offered.

With three specific target markets, three marketing strategies will be implemented:

  1. Cruising community:  A significant and well known presence in the boating/cruising community will continue for both Eric Stone & Kim Hess. This will happen through national boat shows and marketing with popular cruising magazine(s).  Side note: Eric is the official entertainer and Kim writes the Healthy Cruising column for Cruising Outpost magazine (formerly Latitudes & Attitudes)
  2. Tourism: National marketing campaigns through the travel industry, in addition to billboards along US1 promoting venue and directing traffic to location. Discounts offered through local and South Florida hotels. Ads on tourist channel tv
  3. Local Residents: Local radio and appropriate print media. Involvement in the community. Special events geared to local involvement. Bring back a “new & improved” Dockside, which has been a landmark in Marathon for years. Focusing on name recognition with new reputation.

We have identified the following avenues of marketing to increase our brand awareness:

  1. Distribute regularly postcards and advertising to all Keys businesses that promote to tourism (i.e. tourist destinations, hotels/motels, gas stations etc.)
  2. Billboard on either side of town
  3. Press releases to industry publications and local newspapers
  4. Magazine ads
  5. Local radio/tv
  6. Large internet social media presence
  7. Posting flyers about special events and weekly schedule/specials.
  8. Line of signature logo apparel and gear (self promotion)
  9. Song written & recorded by Eric Stone (think Margaritaville)
  10. Word of mouth: By offering exceptional and consistent products and service, new and old customers will not only continue to frequent the venue, but spread the word.

In Order to Do This We Need Your Help!

We have put together a rewards structure that will enable you to feel good about contributing to our project! Your presence will be included in our venue! Everyone, and we mean everyone will be recognized in a special place in the venue, acknowledging your kindness and belief in our vision. In addition to this, depending on your pledge you will receive:


A thank you postcard from the beautiful Florida Keys signed by Eric & Kim Stone
PLUS digital download of Eric’s unreleased Dockside theme song:

“Rock The Dock”

A personal thank you postcard signed by Eric & Kim
PLUS Dockside Tropical Cafe charter crew t-shirt
PLUS digital download of Eric’s unreleased Dockside theme song:

“Rock The Dock”

Dockside Tropical Cafe’ charter crew t-shirt
Digital download of Eric’s unreleased Dockside theme song: “Rock The Dock”
PLUS Eric Stone’s complete CD collection (digital download)
PLUS Recognition on “wall of fame” as charter crew

Everything at the $100 Level
PLUS “Crew Card” – 5% off up to 4 people for life*
PLUS $200 bar tab*
*Crew Cards and bar tabs to be used with no other offers, limited to $200 per day

Everything at $100 Level
PLUS “Crew Card” – 10% off up to 4 people for life*
PLUS $400 bar tab*
*Crew Cards and bar tabs to be used with no other offers, limited to $200 per day

Everything at $100 Level
PLUS “Crew Card” – 15% off up to 4 people for life
PLUS $800 bar tab
*Crew Cards and bar tabs to be used with no other offers, limited to $200 per day

Everything at $100 Level
PLUS “Crew Card” – 20% off up to 4 people for life*
PLUS $2,000 bar tab*
PLUS Personalized Tiki Bar Stool (business or personal)
*Crew Cards and bar tabs to be used with no other offers, limited to $200 per day

Everything at $100 Level
“Crew Card” – 20% off up to 4 people for life*
PLUS $4,000 bar tab*
PLUS Personalized restaurant table (business or personal)
*Crew Cards and bar tabs to be used with no other offers, limited to $200 per day

Everything at $100 Level
“Crew Card” – 20% off up to 4 people for life*
PLUS $8,000 bar tab*
PLUS We will name a specialty drink after you!
PLUS Personalized “front row seating” (business or personal)
(front row seating = 2 seats/cocktail table around dance floor)
*Crew Cards and bar tabs to be used with no other offers, limited to $200 per day

It just takes “a click” to help make our dream a reality!


Where is Dockside Tropical Café?
35 Sombrero Blvd, Marathon, FL 33050   Latitude, 24° 42′ 21″. Longitude, -81° 4′ 58″

In The Keys, most people identify with the mile markers along US1 to find places. Dockside is at approximately mm 49. If you are driving on US1, you would turn toward the ocean at Publix (approx mm50), take the next right onto Sombrero Blvd and follow the golf course around to Sombrero Marina. Dockside Tropical Café is located in the middle of the marina.

What’s so special about the Florida Keys?
Sub tropical climate, surrounded by beautiful clear water, an island lifestyle only two hours from Miami, easy access, full amenities…. What more could you want? For more detailed information check out: or

Tourism in the Florida Keys:
Over 4 million visitors to the Florida Keys in 2011!
Median age of residents: 46.1
Gross Sales Monroe County: (2012) $3,953,360,881 Source: Florida Dept of Revenue

Source :

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