A real reward based crowdfunding project is participation of supporters in your dream and projects

A real reward based crowdfunding project should be project that concerning the participation of supporters (backers). Not just a straight deal which I give you money, you give me something or other type of return. It’s far more interesting than that, it’s should be like this, I give you money, I want to be part of your dream and we do it together, this called reward based crowdfunding.
The feel of participation is the core of reward based crowdfunding project, the feel of participation will create a new context, you can find individual emotion, experience, feeling, good text and nice pictures in reward based crowdfunding project story. Supporters (backers) can access to the information likes how is the product come from, who make it, how its assembly, how is the step by step packaging until it reaches supporter’s hands and the entrepreneurial spirit that bring this product alive. This will create a resonance among those who has the same interest and passion.
For example, I wanted to open a new café which join together with my current boutique homestay located side by side, I hope you can design and set up the café together with me, and i will share you the best part of my dream business with you as reward at the end of day. You and me will follow and participate in my homestay and new café business, I will share you the story and experience how I started this homestay, you may have a few days working holiday to feel what I feel here, I will bring you to discover the city like a local, we will have fun and have party at night, this is the participation that a reward based crowdfunding platform emphasized.
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