Lying at home will not bring you luck

Lying at home will not bring you luck

A girl in my friend’s circle, live like a TV drama. When knew her at early days, she was helping out in a restaurant, gave up stable life in big city. After adding each other in wechat, found she was travelling to bangkok today, next week could be in vietnam, her pace in food hunting, sometimes meeting great shop owner, and helping out in shop, while she only asked for food and stay, salary is not her concern, the gain is she learned how to cook there.

She wanted to open a bar, gave up, because lack of money, the starting capital is too high. Later she went to India, Kenya. I know she is not from rich family, sometimes worried about her, didn’t know when she able to settle down.

One day, she suddenly sent me a WeChat message, saying she came to Kuala Lumpur, and working in a Thai restaurant, learning while working. The second year, she became a manager, the third year, she opened a restaurant in hometown, the main meal is Thai, served Western dessert as well, the fourth year, together with partner, opened a dessert shop. I said you are lucky, easily open up two stores. “I have been travelling on the road looking for opportunities ah.” She smiled and said.

The few years office working life, she is a standard mother’s girl. Her life is monotonous, her career in workplace reached the ceiling since days ago, wanted to change, but really “think of the thousand ways at night, wake up and continue the same way as yesterday.”

“Until that time there was a classmate came to meet up, stayed at my place, saw my life is stagnant, seriously, Xiao qiu, you lying at home will not meet good fortune.”
Since then, whenever she was anxious at home, will recalled what her friend said. She forced herself to go out, first attended the English classes, she didn’t carry any purpose initially, just because of saw colleagues went for the class, and follow their steps

After that, keep looking for opportunities to travel in Southeast Asia.
Initial few years, basically in a not stable condition. Income is not high as previous job, although traveled to more places of this world, but only feel better in mind, it didn’t bring a turning point in life, and didn’t bring any real income.
Until the in plane flying to Sabah, which met up my current business partner, then only her good luck really came. Xiaoqiu said that life sometime is beyond expectation. Those obstacle, frustration and failure, gave me depression and sad, until there is a light, suddenly light up my life, then only you realize the time walking through the dark, is to prepare us to meet today’s dream. If you do not have those hard times, you can’t catch today’s dream.

Three years ago, my career reached bottleneck, I decided to open a cafe. At that time I did not know what the cafe business can bring, first, just because i like coffee personally, second, is because the startup capital is not high, third, worst case it can also inspire me some writing’s content ideas.

At the time many people thought I was hasty, but I knew I had to take action. Writing from home for ten years, my thoughts has been emptied, and sometimes keep writing without new inspiration, it bring me desperate.
Coffee shop, I was not consider successful after all, but through this, I explored my potential beyond writing – my public speaking skill is good, i held several reading sharing sessions, from the beginning of nervous, until the later of expert; i found out i m good in running a cafe, from the beginning of embarrassed to collect money from close friends for coffee and cake, until a friend told me I’m stupid, and told that if i don’t collect money, they never come to my shop, then only i learned, do business have to be steady, as long as you strive to provide quality products, earning is fair.

Walk out from the narrow door of writing, my scope of world becomes wider, meeting more and more opportunities, blessed with more and more good luck. Often some people talked to me about plan, its was talked many times, I said you do it first. They are not happy, they think i’m not serous about it, the talks didnt create any outcome, just let other people take up the plan.

Our starting point is very low, there can’t be a perfect plan directed toward success; we like a small tree, to draw circles at our own annual rings, only until we move our first step, even if failed, only you know second step how to go.

Do it, lying at home will not meeting any luck. The majority of our lives, will not reach decision-making level, but its about competing for actions taken. Aggressive people with more actions taken, more failures encountered, so you often see those lying at home, ridicule to people who taking actions, you see, its failed right ?

Three or five years later, those people lying at home still lying at home, and those who walked out for dreams, although did not reaches where he originally wanted to reach, but encountered other opportunities out of expected, opened surprisingly wonderful life.

Then only i learned, the most terrible of life is not encountered failure, encounter failures at least prove that you have been close to success, the most terrible case is not met any opportunity, no difference between one year and one day, no difference between ten years and 1 year.



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