August 8, 2016

About Us – A Reward Based Crowdfunding Platform : A Reward Based Crowdfunding Platform is a platform to fund projects, dreams and business ideas that are creative, innovative, and passion-driven. People all over the world are willing to pledge in money to make the projects and ideas happen if they think it is worthwhile. is targeted full rangeof projects, from agricultural product, art, design, shop, writing, technology and charity. Each project is independently created and crafted by the person behind it –these people are known as the project creators.

Project creators are basically, entrepreneurs, orchard owners, authors, musicians, artists, and designers and they have complete control and responsibility over their projects. Project creators actively share their stories out so that the project would gain awareness, interest and hopefully, action from public during the project campaign. is a resource to validate your idea, build your community, and get feedback from your customers. Anyone or any creators can launch a project on as long as it meets the terms of use.